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Japanese bank buys GateHouse investor for $3.3 billion

Medford, Malden, Mass., daily papers go out of business

Hardwick Gazette in Vermont bought by Conn. couple

Roswell Bosworth Jr.
of R.I.'s East Bay paper group dies

Conn. legislation would wipe out
legal ads for papers

Maine solons using personal email for their state duties?

N.H. mulls making appeals simpler for access complaints

Fraud scandal leads VTDigger to seek better records law

Telegram & Gazette reporter assaulted
by protesters

Vt. ACLU lawyer
joins NEFAC board

Names, numbers and
email of NENPA and
e-Bulletin staff

Bulletin photos by Katy Rogers

Could they be any happier? Robin Chan, at top above, and Merrily Cassidy show the kind of joy repeated many times during the news awards ceremony at the New England Newspaper and Press Association’s winter convention. Both won honors as photojournalists of the year, Chan for weeklies for his work at The Hingham (Mass.) Journal and Cassidy for dailies for her work at the Cape Cod Times of Hyannis, Mass.

Trump talk, triumphs of
award winners dominate
NENPA’s winter convention

By Alison Berstein
Bulletin Correspondent

Donald Trump wasn’t at the New England Newspaper and Press Association winter convention, but he was much in evidence nevertheless.

Almost from its outset, the convention buzzed with an undercurrent of references -- negative, but some humorous -- to President Trump and his anti-press taunts. That climate surfaced even at the celebratory New England First Amendment Coalition’s awards luncheon on the convention’s first day, Friday, Feb. 24. It continued in a more full-throated way at one of the convention’s major events, Saturday, Feb. 25’s opening session -- a panel discussion specifically designed to explore the press under Trump: “The next four years and the press.”

Both nights of the convention ended on the more usual and positive notes of applause, high-fives, hugs and standing ovations for the winners of awards in advertising, marketing and circulation Friday and in news Saturday.

Almost 150 guests attended the Friday evening awards, which featured 55 awards in 28 categories. On Saturday night, 375 people heard the names of 243 awards winners announced in 84 categories. MORE >

Bulletin photo by Julia Aparicio

Panelists for the convention session on “The next four years and the press” were, from left, Carolyn Lumsden, Bill Ketter, Asma Khalid, Rob Bertsche and Margaret Sullivan.

Panel urges journalists to
stand up to Trump, and
for the First Amendment

By Katherine Isbell
Bulletin Correspondent

It’s no secret that the first month of the Trump administration was hectic, but even just the 24 hours leading up to the morning of Saturday, Feb. 25, were busy for both the administration and journalists alike.

At the start of that morning, Bill Kole, New England news editor for The Associated Press, checked his Twitter feed to be “up to the minute” and listed much of what had transpired Friday and into Saturday, including President Donald Trump’s “blasting of the media” for using anonymous sources; news organizations, including CNN and Buzzfeed, being barred from an informal press briefing at the White House; and Time Magazine and AP boycotting that same briefing in protest.

That was just a fraction of what happened in a single day, so “forget the first 30 days,” Kole said. MORE >

Key first-place journalism awards


First Amendment awards video

First Amendment awards

story and photos

Keynote speaker
Reversing damage done by disrupters

People angles uplift prize-winning work

Check or leave out information
that’s in doubt

Simple or complex,
data journalism wields power

Consumer reading habits guide engagement

How the wow factor sells ads

Art of the deal: Selling events

Go mobile, where the audience is


'Facebook, newspaper and journalism' video

Facebook exec outlines
its new outreach to news industry

Like Facebook and it’ll be your friend

Make video a must in your news coverage

Culture changes breed success
at Record-Journal of Meriden, Conn.

Student needs: Media literacy,
diverse news sources

News Digest

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Roswell S. Bosworth Jr., owner and publisher
for 25 years of East Bay Newspapers of Bristol, R.I.

James Alan Hamilton, founder and publisher
of the former Townsend (Mass.) Common

H.C. ‘Cal’ Thornton, manager for several years
of UPI’s Boston-based Northeast Division

Robert James McCullough Frank P. Creane
Malcolm Lathrop Johnson Bernard S. Redmont
Nancy Elizabeth Garzieri Gary A. Ouellette
Theodore A. LaBorde Robert J. Leddy
George W. Smith John T. Cunniff Raymond Saidel
John Frederick Watters Michael O'Traynor
Howard M. 'Hobs' Moyer Warren L Parker
Mary Pat (Kelleher) Furlani Sheila Mary Mackinnon


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