Web Editor

Providence Business News, southern New England’s leading business weekly, is looking for an enterprising, energetic, entrepreneurial editor/writer attuned to the needs of today's digital audience with command of the tools to drive greater audience engagement. We are doing well at the moment, but we want more. We want someone who can take the velocity of the digital news world and translate that into not just more page views (of course) but a deeper connection to our audience, expanding it from our core that has been driven by our print success over the years.

This position requires facile and exacting editing, as well as a bright and tight writing style, along with the ability to make snap and solid news judgments. Specific examples of how you have done just that will help you make your case. We also want to develop a set of outside contributors to draw our reader community deeper into our sphere of influence in a way that complements the journalism we practice every day.

Send evidence of great journalism and Web mastery to Editor Mark S. Murphy at editor@pbn.com. No phone calls, please.

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